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3 Things to Remember About the Statute of Limitations

When a person is injured because of someone else’s negligence, they may want to consider taking legal action for compensation. However, their legal options may be restricted due to the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations establishes a time limit for injury compensation claims. If a person waits too long to file their injury claim, the court may reject the claim for that injury.

If you have sustained an injury, you may be entitled to pursue compensation. For more information regarding your rights and options as an injured individual, contact Jacksonville injury lawyer Donald Guthrie, P.A., at 904-296-1088 today.

Important Things to Understand

The complexity of the legal system and the procedural subtleties make it difficult for a layperson to fully understand his or her rights and obligations. A skilled and experienced attorney can help to ensure that you do not inadvertently sacrifice your rights due to a misunderstanding. The following are important issues to grasp about the statute of limitations.

#1: The statute of limitations will expire over time.

A person intending to file for financial compensation after an injury needs to file within a set number of years after the discovery of that injury. In particular, injury claims filed in association with accidents and other negligent acts have up to 4 years from the time of discovery.

#2: The statute of limitations may depend on the case.

Although the general figure of 4 years is the common statute of limitations for cases caused by someone else’s negligence, this actual number of years can depend on the specific type of case. For instance, medical malpractice cases only provide 2 years after an injury for a person to file a claim.

#3: Discovery and injury are two different starting points used for the statute of limitations.

A person may actually be given additional time when filing an injury claim if their case is subject to the discovery rule. This means that the time limit for the statute of limitations does not start counting down until the injured person discovers their injury. This is particularly useful in cases of long-term injuries. However, some claims may simply use when the injury was sustained as the starting point.

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