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Airbag Injuries

Although airbags are considered a standard safety feature in almost every new vehicle that is released, few people realize the intense force with which an airbag is deployed. The airbag comes out of the dashboard at speeds of over 200 miles an hour. Although this force is necessary to be effective in the event of an accident, there are numerous scenarios in which an airbag can be dangerous, even deadly.

Children and Airbags

The main factor in airbag injuries is the height of the passenger. A child under twelve is short enough that their heads are in the direct path of the inflating airbag rather than their bodies. Additionally, rear-facing infant carriers place the infant directly in the path of the airbag, exposing them to an extreme amount of risk. This has led most authorities to recommend that all children under twelve and any infant in a rear-facing child seat should be placed in the back seats, away from deploying airbags.

Adults and Airbags

Adults with shorter statures may also be at risk from deploying airbags, as may adults with heart conditions or other health problems that may be exacerbated by a sharp force. Adults with these concerns should contact their car manufacturer to determine the proper distance their seat should be situated from the steering wheel in order to minimize these risks.

Additionally, the force with which the airbag inflates may cause friction burns, and the chemical propellant may cause chemical injuries as well, introducing physical injury into an otherwise harmless accident.

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