What Should You Do After A Car Accident?

Awareness of No-Zone Areas

Driving on the highway can be an extremely dangerous endeavor for a number of reasons. Many highways are extremely congested, forcing vehicles into close contact with one another and increasing the likelihood of a collision. Additionally, the speed that vehicles are traveling at on the highway makes it difficult to respond quickly and safely to any problems that arise.

Finally, a problem that has become more apparent in recent years is the growing size disparity between cars on our roadways. Many car manufacturers are producing smaller and more fuel efficient cars, while large 18-wheeler trucks and other large commercial vehicles continue to drive alongside them.

It is incredibly easy for these smaller vehicles to become lost in the many blind spots or “no-zone” areas on these large trucks. When this happens, truck drivers may go to change lanes and collide with a smaller vehicle that he or she was not aware of.

To help keep yourself safe from a damaging collision with a semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle, take the time to familiarize yourself with the no-zone areas of these trucks and avoid them whenever possible.

  • The Front No-Zone: the area in front of a truck’s cab is often very dangerous for the drivers of smaller vehicles because the driver’s seat inside the cab is elevated. As such, they often cannot see other vehicles that are located close to the ground if they are directly in front of the truck.
  • The Side No-Zones: the side no-zones extend for most of the length of the truck’s trailer, encompassing the areas where the side mirrors cannot reach. A good rule of thumb is to look for the truck driver’s face in the cab’s side mirrors: if you can see the driver, the driver can see you.
  • The Rear No-Zone: when a truck is pulling a trailer, any use of a rear-view mirror is completely obstructed. As such, to ensure visibility, you should drive far enough behind a large truck that you are visible in the driver’s side mirrors.

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