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Cat Bites

Dog bites may be the most common kind animal attack in the US, but that does not mean they are the only kind. Injuries from cats do not get the same level of media attention, so many people do not realize that they can be just as harmful as dog attacks. As with all other kinds of pet, cat owners have a responsibility to make sure their animals do not hurt anyone.

The Dangers of Cat Bites

Many people are surprised to learn that cat bites can be dangerous. In fact, in some ways they are more dangerous than dog bites. The main threat posed by dogs’ teeth is their ability to cause deep laceration and muscle damage. It is true that the average housecat cannot inflict that kind of injury, but it can do another kind of harm.

Cat’s teeth are long and thin, allowing them to create deep puncture wounds with small openings. These are much harder to clean than dog bites, and often go through more layers of tissue. The result is that cat bites are highly prone to potentially dangerous infections.

Even if your bite does not require immediate attention, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor about the signs of infections after a cat bite.

Owners’ Responsibilities

Cat bites are less commonly reported than dog bites for several reasons: cats are more likely to remain indoors, and they may be more likely to retreat before biting. However, cat owners still have a responsibility towards their neighbors. They need to keep dangerous pets away from neighbors and warn guests about potential risks in their homes.

If you have been injured by a cat that should have been better controlled or monitored by its owner, a Jacksonville cat bite lawyer can help you understand your rights.

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