What Should You Do After A Car Accident?

Eating and Driving

There has been a lot of attention given in recent years to the effect that cell phones have on a person’s ability to drive. While cell phones are the culprits in many of the crashes in more recent years, the consumption of food while driving has also played a major role in automobile crashes.

Anyone who has ever gotten annoyed or been perturbed by a fellow driver talking on the cell phone and driving should think twice about complaining if he or she has ever eaten while driving. A recent study conducted in England found that talking on cell phones and eating food have the exact same effect on a person’s driving abilities. They both double the chances of an accident.

Eating has just as much of an effect on driving as talking on the phone because it too distracts a person from the road. The process of chewing is not as much a distraction as the act of picking up the food or drink and moving it from the console, passenger seat, one’s lap, or cup holder to one’s mouth.

The study used to determine that food is just as much of a distraction was based on a driving simulation program similar to those used to show the effect of alcohol on a driver. The program invited drivers to drive through a city environment. During the simulation, a pedestrian unexpectedly steps out into the street. Of the drivers who were eating at the time, 90% had an accident.

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