What Should You Do After A Car Accident?

Exploding Gas Tanks

The safe design and production of personal vehicles is extremely important and should be the top priority of all car companies. When a gas tank is mounted in an unprotected area of the car, such as the side saddle location, it only takes one direct impact to spur the explosion of the vehicle’s fuel. These fires can be extremely harmful and even deadly, depending on the location of the passengers and the severity of the situation. It is the responsibility of car manufacturers to ensure that the gas tanks of their vehicles are mounted in a well-protected, heat-resistant location.

The Ford Pinto and Crown Victoria Cases

Many people are aware of the famous cases involving exploding gas tanks found in the Ford Pinto and the Ford Crown Victoria. Due to poor placement of the fuel tanks in both automobiles, drivers involved in rear-end accidents often found themselves as victims of deadly explosions and fires resulting from the gas igniting. The most shocking fact about this incident is that Ford knew about the design flaw but, rather than recalling the vehicles to uphold the safety of their customers, opted to instead save money by paying each lawsuit as it was filed against them.

Although the Crown Victoria did not contain a design flaw of the same caliber as that of the Pinto, it was still manufactured with a poor fuel tank system. The Crown Victoria was subject to gas tank leaks that occasionally resulted in fires when gas met the heated road surface.

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