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Ineffective Sunscreen

Every summer, people take to the beach and pools to enjoy some fun time in the sun. Due to an increased awareness of the hazards of sun exposure, sunscreen experiences gains in popularity every summer. Granted not everyone applies sunscreen to the degree necessary but many do. When people apply sunscreen and follow the directions, they invest faith in their sunscreen that it is going to do its job and prevent burns on a daily basis, and maybe even wrinkles and cancer in the long run. Unfortunately, a huge number of sunscreens, even when applied correctly, do not prevent wrinkles, burns, and even cancer.

A recent analysis of 785 different sunscreen products has found that the vast majority of sunscreens do not provide adequate protection from the sun’s harmful rays. In addition, some even contain ingredients that are actually health hazards. The study determined that a mere 17% of all sunscreens provided safe and effective coverage.

In order to be ruled “effective,” a sunscreen must block both types of ultraviolet rays. Many sunscreens block only the shallow rays that cause burns and do nothing to prevent the UVA rays from penetrating the skin deeply, resulting in wrinkles and potentially skin cancer. In addition to blocking both types of rays, an effective sunscreen should remain stable in sunlight and contain very few (if any) ingredients that are known or suspected of being a hazard to one’s health.

When sunscreens are not effective and safe, they can result in chemical burns to the skin in addition to serious and severe sunburns. It is not unheard of for an individual to experience a second degree burn from being out in the sun.

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