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Injuries from Crocs

Crocs, a popular style of semi-sandal made from a special type of plastic, were originally intended to be clogs for spas. For many people, they have become much more than that. The shoes have become so wildly popular that some people practically live in their Crocs. Unfortunately, Crocs for children pose a previously unthought of risk.

Children love Crocs as they come in a wide variety of bright colors. Parents love Crocs for their children because it does not matter where the child takes them, they can always be hosed off. As a consequence, children wear their Crocs everywhere.

In places with escalators, this becomes something of a problem. Children have always had a fascination with letting the side of their shoe rub against the metal side of the escalator. Unfortunately, with Crocs, this can be a very dangerous situation. The foam of the shoe that is so comfortable has a tendency to melt due to the heat caused by the friction of the shoe meeting the side of the escalator.

When the shoe melts, even just a little bit, it allows the shoe and the child’s foot to be pulled into the side of the escalator. This exposes the child’s foot to the under-step mechanisms that move the whole escalator system. When this happens, the child’s foot can be seriously injured.

While it may sound far-fetched, there were 76 cases of foot entrapment in escalators between January of 2006 and June of 2008. Of those 76 cases, 74 were to individuals wearing Crocs.

Crocs can be dangerous in other situations as well. A Swedish hospital has banned the use of Crocs completely due to fears that the shoes accumulate static electricity that then interferes with the electronic equipment of the hospital. As much of that electronic equipment is important to people’s lives, this can be a serious problem.

If you have been injured due to your Crocs, please contact Jacksonville product liability lawyer Donald Guthrie at 904-296-1088 to discuss your case and to determine your legal options.

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