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Surfing Injuries

Wherever there is water with some amount of wave action, there are individuals who will try to surf. These individuals, particularly in areas with real waves, sometimes have a tendency to be fanatical about their sport, just like any other athlete. While it is perfectly fine to love the sport and to enjoy the lifestyle, this sport has a number of inherent risks to the health of all of its participants.

One of the biggest threats to surfers everywhere is the sport’s increase in popularity. While many view the increase as a good thing as it leads to more acceptance and coverage, it has also had a negative impact on the number of injuries that occur. The negative impact on the number of injuries has more to do with the level of popularity than anything regarding experience. As a simple rule, the more people there are bobbing in the waves waiting for their next ride with hard surfboards, the greater the chances that someone will be hurt by another surfer’s board. In minor cases, this can be merely a bruise. In severe cases, it can result in head injuries that can be life threatening.

Another hazard is the chance of a soft tissue injury. Contusions, or bruises, are possible through contact with one’s own board as well as other boards. In addition, it is possible to make contact with the ocean floor or rocks and cause bruises. Other soft tissue injuries include cuts and scrapes from the same sources.

Muscle injuries are also fairly common. These are due more to the repetitive motion of surfing than anything else. Advances in the technology of surfboards have lead to greater amounts of speed as well as sharper turns. These advances can make any injuries that are traditional even more extreme.

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