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The Dangers of Golf in Northern Florida

Florida enjoys a temperate climate for the majority of the year. The down season for any golf club or golf course is likely to be slight. Because of the weather and climate, there are numerous golf courses throughout the state that golfers from across the country enjoy. The benefits are impressive but there are also a number of hazards of which everyone needs to be aware.

The first hazard of any golf course is weather. The same position that gives Florida a temperate climate also gives Florida extreme storms and weather. On any given afternoon, a thunderstorm can spring up, seemingly out of nowhere, and send lightning bolts crashing to the earth. This is not a problem for individuals who have shelter, but for a golfer surprised by the storm and left without any form of shelter, this can be extremely dangerous. For this reason, golf clubs should provide some form of shelter at regular intervals around their entire course.

Another hazard of a golf course is an alligator. The water hazards have the potential to inflict pain on more than just one’s golf score. Alligators, and to a lesser extent crocodiles, can occupy the water hazards and cause significant damage to a human. The majority of the time they will leave people alone and continue to sunbathe but there is really no predicting the personality or temperament of a wild animal.

Because alligators and crocodiles are native to Florida, any golf course should perform a routine inspection of its water hazards to ensure that any large reptiles living on the course have signs indicating their presence on dry land.

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