What Should You Do After A Car Accident?

Utility Workers in Jacksonville To Receive Bonuses

Posted on November 30th, 2012 No Comments

A utility company in Jacksonville, Florida is giving all of its employees bonuses this holiday season due to the fact that the company saved $27 million. The company saved that large amount of money because it saw a dramatic decline in workplace accidents and injuries.

The 1,921 employees of this particular utility company will each be receiving a $1,250 bonus because of the fact that their place of employment boasts a safe working environment. The company was able to afford these bonuses after it was able to achieve several safety goals that were outlined for the company and its employees.

Overall, the company was able to spend approximately 6.9 percent less than what was budgeted for, and those savings directly correlated to an increase in pay for the employees. Workplace accidents at utility companies can be extremely serious, and it is necessary for these companies to offer a secure workplace in order to avoid these types of accidents.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering. Please contact the personal injury lawyers of the Law Offices of Donald Guthrie by calling 904-296-1088 today.

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Drivers in rear-end accidents may get a break

Posted on November 28th, 2012 No Comments

A Florida Supreme Court ruling on a rear-end collision that occurred in 2005 may help drivers who rear-end other cars share the blame. While the ruling does not change any state laws, it opens up the possibility for lawyers and insurance companies to help their clients who could not avoid slamming into a car in front of them.

The case the court ruled on involved a three-car accident in West Palm Beach seven years ago. A female driver hit the car in front of her after it crested a hill, failed to reduce speed as the law requires, and hit a stopped car. The woman claims the driver responsible for the first rear-ending was on her cellphone and not paying attention. She then crested the hill, unaware of the first collision, and says she did not have time to avoid the accident. The driver then sued the distracted driver for her injuries.

In Florida, juries can make judgements based on how much they think each party is at fault, but historically the blame is put on the second driver.  In most cases, rear-ending drivers are found at fault based on the reasoning that they should have kept more distance, were negligent, or that they could have done more to avoid the accident.

If you have been injured in an accident and believe someone else is to blame, contact the personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Donald Guthrie by calling 904-296-1088.

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2 Patrol Cars Struck By Alleged Drunk Driver in Palm Bay

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On Monday night around 10 p.m., an alleged drunk driver in Florida crashed into two Palm Bay patrol vehicles. The accident unfolded on Babcock Street in Palm Bay, Florida. Two Palm Bay police officers were helping a person inside a disabled vehicle, and both of them had parked their marked patrol vehicles on the street, and left the hazard lights on in order to warn other drivers.

The vehicles were parked in the left-hand lane, so as to protect the disabled vehicle. An oncoming driver failed to slow down in that lane, and as a result crashed directly into one of the patrol vehicles. The impact of the collision caused the patrol unit to move forward, and strike the second patrol car in the lane. The 61-year-old driver that was responsible for the accident was allegedly under the influence of alcohol. The driver was injured in the accident, and was transported to Palm Bay Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Fortunately, neither of the Palm Bay police officers were injured in the drunk driving accident. The individual inside the disabled vehicle was also not harmed in the collision. According to a spokesperson for the Palm Bay Police Department, one of the patrol units may have been totaled in the incident, and the other car only sustained minor damage. Charges are pending in the accident.


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Florida residents file birth injury lawsuit

Posted on November 19th, 2012 No Comments

A Florida couple has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the United States after their son was born with severe brain damage at a U.S. naval hospital in Pensacola. The parents are seeking $80 million for their child’s injuries, which they believe were caused by medical malpractice.

According to the lawsuit, the physician failed to deliver the child in a timely manner. When the mother was admitted to the hospital, she was given medication to quicken the labor process. Two hours later, the child began to show signs of severe fetal distress that continued until it was finally delivered via emergency caesarean section more than two hours later.

Doctors had to resuscitate the infant following his birth because he had no heartbeat and was not breathing. The lawsuit claims the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. The newborn experienced a lack of oxygen to the brain that left him with permanent brain damage that also causes seizures. The prosecutors state that the boy will need physical, speech, and occupational therapy for several years. The parents believe their son’s injuries were caused by negligence and delayed treatment.

If you or someone you love has experienced brain damage or severe brain trauma caused by the recklessness or negligence of someone else, a lawsuit can help you obtain the financial compensation you need and deserve. To learn more about your legal options, contact the Law Offices of Donald Guthrie.

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Passengers injured in airplane crash landing file lawsuit

Posted on November 14th, 2012 No Comments

Some of the passengers of a flight from New Jersey to Poland that was forced to crash land last year are suing Boeing and the company who inspected the plane before takeoff.

When the plane reached Warsaw, it was forced to crash land because a mechanical defect would not allow the landing gear to deploy. Sparks flew from the plane’s metal body as it screeched to a halt on the runway. Emergency responders muffled a fire that issued from the aircraft right away. Its pilot was commended for avoiding any errors and safely bringing down the aircraft despite the equipment malfunction.

plane crash lawyerHis 230 passengers were uninjured at the time, but some injuries do not surface immediately. The passengers filing the lawsuit claim to have both psychological and physical injuries. The legal action asserts that the Boeing 767 model that crashed has a design flaw that allows its hydraulic system to leak. Such a leak should have been detected in the pre-flight inspection.

The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages.

Flight inspectors and airlines are responsible for ensuring they are operating within the confines of aviation laws. This includes performing necessary inspections on aircraft with the care and effort required to ensure passenger safety. If you have been hurt in a plane crash because of someone else’s neglect, contact personal injury attorney Donald Guthrie to learn more about your legal options.

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Memorial ride turns into motorcycle pile up on I-95

Posted on November 13th, 2012 No Comments

A memorial ride on Interstate 95 in Jacksonville for a fallen member of the Ruff Ryders Motorcycle Club turned into a major motorcycle pileup just before noon on Saturday. A total of nine motorcycles were involved in the major accident. The Florida Highway Patrol reports no casualties but some serious injuries.

The pileup started near Butler Boulevard involving three motorcycles. A driver in a Hyundai quickly slowed to a stop to avoid colliding with the crashed motorcycles, which then caused motorcyclists behind the vehicle to crash. The motorcyclist directly behind the car was unable to stop in time and was ejected from his bike after hitting the car. Another motorcyclist behind him also crashed and was ejected.

The events created a chain reaction. According to the Florida Times-Union, another motorcyclist collided into the side of two tractor trailers that also stopped to avoid the accident. Two more motorcycles behind the rider then crashed as well. Several of the injured motorcyclists were taken to the hospital in serious condition. Authorities are investigating the cause of the first accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident that was caused by a reckless or negligent motorist, legal action could provide you with the financial compensation you deserve to pay for your medical bills and repairs.

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Jacksonville pedestrian accident kills 1, injures 2

Posted on November 12th, 2012 No Comments

On Saturday night, a Jacksonville pedestrian was killed in a collision with a motorcycle. The 44-year-old man was trying to cross 103rd Street around 7:30 p.m. when he was struck by a motorcyclist on a Harley-Davidson. When paramedics arrived at the scene, they pronounced the man dead near Norde Drive West.

The motorcyclist, 46, had a passenger with him at the time of the fatal collision. The47-year-old passenger, and the motorcyclist, both from Jacksonville, were said to be wearing helmets at the time of the crash. The impact of the accident caused them to become airborne, and they both sustained serious injuries. They were transported to Orange Park Medical Center to be treated.

Pedestrian accidents can cause individuals to sustain life-ending injuries. These accidents tend to favor people behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, due to the sheer size of the car in comparison with the pedestrian. Reckless drivers can leave pedestrians with serious injuries, and as a result they should be held responsible for their actions.

If you were hit by a motor vehicle or motorcycle as a pedestrian, you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering. Please contact the pedestrian accident lawyers of the Law Offices of Donald Guthrie by calling 904-296-1088 today.

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Florida A&M offers $300k to settle hazing suit

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This week, Florida A&M University offered the family of a student who died last year in a hazing incident $300,000 to end the lawsuit. The drum major died on a bus outside an Orlando hotel after fellow band members beat him to death, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

His family sued the university, accusing officials of failing to take action to curb hazing and also failing to enforce its existing anti-hazing policies. The university defends itself, saying that the student did not have to participate in hazing activities and that Florida taxpayers should not have to pay for the trial and for the young man’s decision.

FAMU’s $300,000 offer is the maximum amount it can offer without asking the Florida Legislature for approval. The family has 30 days to make a decision. The offer comes after mediation between the parties failed to reach a compromise. As a result of the young man’s death, FAMU has suspended the band for an academic year, 12 band members are facing felony charges, and the university president and band director have resigned.

If you or someone you loved has been injured or worse by hazing, you do not have to suffer alone. Personal injury lawyers can help you receive the compensation you deserve for medical bills and pain and suffering, as well as hold those accountable for your injuries.

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Florida Man Receives $3.86 Million in Hot Air Balloon Lawsuit

Posted on November 9th, 2012 No Comments

When someone is injured due to another person’s recklessness, the results can be catastrophic. The severity of these situations was seen in 2009 when a Florida man sustained serious injuries as a result of a hot air balloon accident.

The Port Charlotte man was in New Mexico when the accident took place. He was riding in the gondola of a hot air balloon when the balloon collided with a tent on the property, causing him to tumble out of the balloon. As a result, the 72-year-old man suffered a broken back, shattered pelvis, shattered heel, and a broken hip socket. All of these injuries caused him to undergo numerous surgeries.

The man filed a lawsuit against the pilot, as well as the hot air balloon organization that was responsible for the balloon itself. The suit alleged that the pilot was acting recklessly at the time of the accident, and therefore was directly responsible for the man’s injuries. The man signed a waver of acknowledgement before taking the hot air balloon ride, which stated that the pilot would not be held responsible for negligence. The plaintiff would have to prove that the pilot acted recklessly during the trip in order to win the lawsuit.

According to the suit, the balloon was supposed to stay 75 feet above the ground at all times. When the balloon crashed, it was hovering at 15 feet in the air. The pilot stated that she accepted responsibility for the accident, and mentioned that she forgot about the height requirement. The jury determined that the pilot was 60 percent responsible, the organization was 30 percent responsible, and the hot air balloon victim was 10 percent responsible in the crash. The man was awarded $3.86 million in damages.

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One injured in Tampa bicycle accident

Posted on November 8th, 2012 No Comments

One person was injured as a result of bicycle accident that occurred in Tampa, Florida.

According to police officials, the accident occurred at the intersection of Clark Avenue and Turner Field Road just after 5 p.m. when 52-year-old man was riding his bicycle down the roadway and was struck by a 24-year-old woman.

An accident report shows that the woman was driving a truck through a green light intersection when she saw the bicyclist crossing the intersection. She attempted to swerve and miss the man, but was unable to. The man was taken to Phoebe Puyney Hospital for treatment and no further information on his condition has been released.

While driving, a motorist not only has to pay attention to other cars on the roadway, but also bicyclists and pedestrians that may be more difficult to see. If you have been injured after being struck by a vehicle, contact the Jacksonville accident attorneys today.

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