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Tetanus, though not generally thought of as a common disease, poses a real threat to those who do happen to contract it.  It is also known as lockjaw because, when left untreated, it will cause a victim’s muscles to seize up and render him or her unable to move the jaw.  People are encouraged to receive tetanus boosters every ten years or so to protect them against this dangerous illness.  Despite these precautions, however, some people still suffer injuries that result in their development of tetanus.

Risk Factors

Tetanus bacteria spores tend to exist in outdoor environments that harbor soil, dust, and animal waste.  They may remain dormant for long periods of time without dying before they encounter a human body in which they may thrive.  Most people associate tetanus with rusty nail puncture wounds because the rust provides a great habitat for the spores and the puncture wound distributes them deep in the human body.  

Other types of injuries that may result in the development of tetanus in the victim include the following:

Cuts or lacerations
Crush injuries

It is the responsibility of property owners or possessors to maintain their premises in a safe manner when they are expecting guests.  If you have been injured on another person’s property and have developed tetanus as a result of this wound, then you may have the right to take legal action against the responsible party.

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