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Jacksonville Scald Burn Attorney

Scald injuries are caused by contact with very hot gasses or liquids. Although people usually think of fire or hot surfaces when they hear the word “burn,” scalding can easily do as much damage to a person’s skin as other kind of burn injuries. Many scald burns cause little more than temporary pain, but the results of a serious accident can be much worse.

Scald Burns Symptoms and Treatment

Scald burns are especially dangerous because they are statistically likely to cover a large percentage of victims’ bodies. The severity of the burn will depend on the temperature of the liquid, the amount of time the liquid was in contact with the skin, and the age and health of the victim.

Symptoms of a serious scald injury requiring immediate professional treatment include:

  • Pain that lasts 48 hours or more
  • A burn that covers more than 2% of the victim’s body
  • Blisters

Even with the proper medical treatment, scald injury victims are at risk for infection, scarring, nerve damage, and other serious problems. The costs of treating these injuries, including drugs necessary for pain management, can become very high.

Causes of Scald Injuries

Children and people over 65 are at the highest risk for scald injuries, because their skin is thinner than young adults’. They are also more likely to be cared for by another individual. If that individual is negligent or malicious, he or she may intentionally or accidentally cause scald injuries.

The most common cause of scalds is tap water in the home. Many parents and caretakers fail to adequately check water temperatures before bathing a child or disabled adult. As a result, over 25,000 children are treated in hospitals for scald injuries every year.

Of course, some victims of these injuries are also young adults. Common causes of scald injuries to that age group include workplace accidents, broken pipes that release steam, and overheated drinks or other foods. One person’s negligence often leads to serious scald injuries for innocent victims.

Contact a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered a second or third degree scald burn due to another party’s negligence or malice, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. To learn more, contact Jacksonville scald burn attorney Don Guthrie at 904-296-1088.

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