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Jacksonville Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice is a serious problem and a complicated lawsuit. People depend on medical professionals to make the correct choices and always act in a responsible way when dealing with patients, never subjecting them to uninformed, careless, or reckless care. Additionally, medical experts are expected to perform the necessary actions at the correct time, thereby ensuring a high level of medical care. However, errors and negligent behavior does occur sometimes, leaving patients with severe health consequences or sometimes even facing death because of the negligence on the part of the medical professional.

Doctors and hospitals save lives and improve the quality of life for thousands of people every day, however, mistakes are possible and do occur. At the Law Offices of Donald D. Guthrie, we know and believe that the medical profession is entitled to great respect. We do not file unjustified lawsuits: we evaluate each potential case carefully with our clients and with medical experts to make sure negligent or reckless behavior is the cause of harm.

On the other hand, medical professionals, such as doctors and nurses, must be held accountable for their professional behavior as they are responsible for the lives of their patients. If you or a loved one has experienced negative consequences as a result of any form of health care you received, it is important to contact a medical malpractice attorney as quickly as possible in order to learn about your rights and possible ways to pursue compensation for the unnecessary emotional, physical, and financial burdens the medical malpractice created.

To ensure accountability, the Law Offices of Donald D. Guthrie handles medical malpractice cases involving:

  • Wrong Diagnosis / Failure to Diagnose
  • Improper Treatment
  • Surgical Errors
  • Emergency Room Errors
  • Pharmaceutical Errors
  • Birth Injuries
  • Wrongful Death
  • Delay in Treatment
  • Dental Malpractice
  • Chiropractor Malpractice
  • Hospital Negligence
  • Nursing Home Malpractice
  • Lack of Informed Consent

By covering and understanding such a broad range of medical malpractice cases, the medical malpractice attorneys at the Law Offices of Donald D. Guthrie can confidently represent many different types of cases. Additionally, the Law Offices of Donald D. Guthrie thoroughly understands medical malpractice law and has the experience and expertise to serve as advocates for patients who are injured by negligent health care professionals.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to medical malpractice, turn to the Jacksonville medical malpractice lawyers and allow our resources, concern, and extensive experience and expertise to work for you.

To schedule your initial consultation, contact the Jacksonville medical malpractice attorney Don Guthrie today by calling 904-296-1088 to discuss your claim.

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