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Jacksonville Pilot Error Lawyer

Whenever we board a commercial flight, we are placing a great amount of trust in the pilot and co-pilot who will be taking us to our destination. Most of the time our trust is not misplaced; as we have all heard, flying is statistically safer than driving a car. The vast majority of pilots are professionals dedicated to doing their job professionally.

However, just like all humans, some of them will make mistakes. A pilot’s mistake can cost people their health or even their lives. At the offices of Jacksonville accident attorney Don Guthrie, we are dedicated to seeing that justice is done for the victims of pilot error.

Types of Pilot Error

Legally, “pilot error” is defined as a pilot’s unintentional mistake. When a pilot deliberately overlooks orders or safety regulations, it is a separate legal issue. Some errors pilots have committed which led to serious accidents in the past include:

  • Navigation error, sometimes due to fog or other bad weather
  • Miscommunication with airline control staff
  • Poor management of fuel
  • Failure to adequately monitor speed, altitude, or other variables
  • Incorrect use of safety or landing gear

Seeking Justice

If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one in an airplane accident, nothing will be able to undo that terrible experience. However, filing a claim against the responsible party can ease the financial burden of medical expenses, lost salary, and other costs. It is not just for innocent people to shoulder the burden of another party’s error.

For more information, contact Jacksonville pilot error lawyer Don Guthrie at 904-296-1088.

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